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Cherokee County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
D-10 D-10 Lowrey 81.25
D-14 D-14 Norwood 71.02
D-14C Norwood City 74.62
D-21 D-21 Woodall 84.50
D-26 D-26 Shady Grov 71.48
D-31 D-31 Peggs 71.38
D-34R D-34 Grandview 79.06
D-34C Grandview City 79.06
D-44R D-44 Briggs 82.20
D-44C Briggs City 82.20
D-6 D-6 Keys 79.84
D-66 D-66 Tinkeller 71.46
I-11 I-11 Westville 78.09
I-16 I-16 Hulbert 82.73
I-16C Hulbert City 82.73
I-17 I-17 Locust Gro 96.97
I-3 I-3 Little Kans 104.91
I-35R I-35 Talhequah 95.47
I-35C Talhequah City 95.47
I-3M I-3M Ft.Gibson 82.59
I-5 I-5 Oaks 72.10
I-5C Oaks City 72.10